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MEFIN has manufactured and sold more than 3,000,000 high pressure fuel injection pumps, and every year more than 1,000,000 complete pumps and spare parts are sold in more than 50 countries located on 5 continents.

MEFIN's principal products are found on tractors, trucks, cars, SUVs, generator sets, forklift and other industrial applications and include complete pumps for Perkins, Fiat, Ford and other engines of DPA (Lucas / Delphi) and VA, A and P size (Bosch) types, as well as associated spare parts.

MEFIN also offers a wide range of spare parts for DPS, DP200, DP210, Common Rail (pumps and injectors) and other systems. Built from original licenses and perfected over the years, MEFIN's Hydraulic Head & Rotor products are considered the best in the world in many markets.

1. MEFIN offers to its partners a large range of fuel injection equipment and spare parts for them, destined for diesel engine, such as: 2. MEFIN produces also spare parts for diesel fuel injection systems manufactured by MEFIN or by other suppliers, such as:

3. MEFIN's Foundry Facilities were commissioned in 1948 and significantly modernized in 2008. The activity is fully-certified TS / ISO 16949:2009 by Moody International in compliance with European Union environmental protection requirements.

4. MEFIN's Heat Treatment Facilities were modernized in 2003, undergo annual upgrades, and are considered one of the best in Eastern Europe.

5. MEFIN's Metal Plating Facilities were built and commissioned in July 2007 and represent one of the most modern facilities in Eastern Europe. Featuring German technology and a state of the art environmentally-friendly infrastructure, they are also certified ISO / TS 16949:2009 by Moody International.

6. MEFIN's Prototype Tooling and Specialty Manufacturing division is engaged in continuous Research & Development activities, and manufactures gauges, machine-tools and specialized fixtures for a wide range of machine-tool and metal working applications.